Lodestone #7,  View from tee
Lodestone #7, View from tee
Lodestone #7, As-built
Lodestone #7, As-built
Step 1: Discovery Phase
site analysis  
In this stage, the basic components of the project are established through numerous site visits and a strategic kick-off meeting, which identifies the project goals, project management plan and preliminary schedule and budget. The Project Management Plan is a comprehensive tool used to monitor and track the schedule, budget, critical success factors, risk and overall project quality.
Also, it is nearly impossible to spend too much time analyzing the site in-person. The site visits are critical to identifying opportunities and challenges that will dictate the overall golf course routing, features, character and constructibility.  In other words the, the 18-hole narrative of the final golf course. 
routing/concept plans
Per the project vision, goals and critical success factors, preliminary routing plans are then prepared with regard to the site's opportunities and constraints. Careful analyses, and consideration are given to topography, soils, vegetation, views, water bodies, wetlands, drainage, land use, utilities and other key factors affecting the project and eventual locations of golf holes and overall golf routing.  It is not uncommon to creates dozens of different routing scenarios to unearth the best possible golf course.

The routing plans are reviewed with the project team to narrow down and identify the best potential options/solutions. The final routing  plan forms the foundation for the schematic design phase.
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