GrassRoots Philosophy
At iCon Golf Studio, we embrace a profound belief in the resurgence of the game of golf, seeking a return to its humble origins—a time when players engaged with the physical environment, testing themselves against nature, the elements, and the ever-changing playing field before the concept of Par even existed. In this era, strategy triumphed over distance, and golf was a relaxing, growing experience. Our design philosophy revolves around a GrassRoots approach, aiming to develop the game and golf courses that reflect this ideology—an evolution of the nature of golf for all.

We emphasize an intense and sensitive analysis of the environment as the guiding force for each course we design. Our approach rejects the notion that golf design is bound by a rigid set of rules. Instead, we acknowledge exceptions and recognize that each parcel of land possesses its own unique qualities. Some spaces showcase inherent natural beauty, requiring minimal earth-moving, while others demand a more creative vision and physical shaping. In both cases, the existing landscape and the desire to engage the player serve as the foundation for our design, whether through subtle restraint or bold expression.
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