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Welcome to iCon Golf Studio
iCon Golf Studio -  GrassRoots Golf Design is a professional golf course architecture firm established in 2010 with  deep roots in design, maintenance and construction dating back to 1995. Founder and principal architect Todd Schoeder, ASGCA, operates under the notion that golf course planning, design and implementation, when guided by the land, and environmental stewardship with the needs of the player and rich history of the sport in mind, results in golf courses that are playable, enjoyable, and strategic, in other words fun  a return to the ROOTS of the game for the enjoyment of all who play!​​​​​​​

Our team specializes in golf master planning, design and construction phase services, creating golf courses and golf course environments that are first and foremost sustainable, but at the same time provide interest, challenge and playability for golfers of all abilities.  If golfers have fun they will return to play again and again. Golf doesn't need to be tougher, more challenging or even longer: golf needs to be engaging, strategic, playable and more enjoyable! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
GrassRoots Design Philosophy
Our GrassRoots philosophy is humble and thoughtful:

— Golf for fun! 
— Golf for the environment! 
— Golf for all! 

We believe in a resurgence of the game, a return to its humble beginnings where one engaged with the physical environment in a test against nature, the elements, the landscape and oneself on an ever changing playing field. When Par had yet to be invented. When strategy trumped distance. When golf was relaxing. When golf was growing.  We believe in a GrassRoots philosophy to grow the game and golf courses that reflect this philosophy — evolving the nature of golf for all!

We believe intense and sensitive analysis of the environment dictates a style for each individual course we design. Golf design is not dictated by a book and a set of instructions, there are exceptions to the "rules" of golf design. Some parcels of land require little earth-moving as a result of their inherent natural beauty. More often today, new golf properties and the remodel of existing golf courses have fewer ‘God-given’ golf natural features and therefore require a more creative vision and physical shaping. In both scenarios, the existing landscape and desire to engage the player remains the foundation for our design, whether through subtle restraint or bold expression.

​Even the simplest landscapes have unique features that may include a small mound or an unexpected view that can be highlighted to create a distinct and memorable golf experience. If a site calls for it, we are not timid about moving and shaping the earth. We are also confident enough to leave it alone. This requires courage, conviction and trust with the ultimate goal being to forge the best golf experience possible. 
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