Lodestone #8 Green Design
Lodestone #8 Green Design
Lodestone #8, Todd Schoeder Shaping
Lodestone #8, Todd Schoeder Shaping
Lodestone #8, As-built
Lodestone #8, As-built
Step 2: Design Phase
schematic design
Using the routing plan as the basis, we then prepare design studies and a schematic design plan for the golf course in relation to the overall development and program goals as defined by the owner. Here we conceptualize each hole on the golf course and fine-tune each individual golf course feature.  We create individual sketches and notes for each hole that illustrate and detail our vision for the overall shaping, greens, bunkers, areas in need of modification, construction issues, maintenance requirements, golfing strategy, visual appeal, etc.

This conceptual stage allows us to define the style of the golf course and identify the scope of the work required to build it so that our staff, the client, and other members of the project team are all working toward the same vision.
We strive to develop a playing concept, an aesthetic concept and a design concept for the golf course within the development and the golf course boundary, which utilizes the unique shapes, forms, features and materials that are present or available and within the parameters established by the owner.
A full-color masterplan rendered to scale is then created and presented to the client, along with a Sketchbook illustrating our thoughts on each hole. Not only is this useful for discussing concepts and adjustments prior to the creation of detailed construction plans, but our clients often find the Sketchbook incredibly helpful in the early stages of their marketing plans.
detailed design
The 100% Construction Documents, Details & Specifications are the building blocks for permitting and construction of the golf course.
We prepare final documentation and working drawings that incorporate the most current information regarding golf course construction practices. We will prepare the necessary documents and specifications for the golf course  to identify final budgets and to solicit accurate contractor bids. Our typical plan set includes:​​​​​​​

General Notes
Strategy  Illustrative  & Narrative
Erosion & Sediment Control
Topsoil Management
Bunker Details (modifications in the field)
Green Details (modifications in the field)
Stormwater Drainage (with project engineer)
Irrigation (with qualified golf course irrigation consultant)
General Golf Course Details
bid & construction preparation
The objective for this phase of the work is to assist the owner in identifying and selecting a qualified contractor to construct the golf course.

We prepare a detailed Golf Document, which incorporates the final plans, details, specifications, general conditions and bid instructions/sheet. We then identify a list of qualified contractors to bid on the job and assist the contractors in developing a clear understanding of the project for purposes of preparing a construction bid.

​Once the bids are returned, GrassRoots Golf Design analyzes the bids and makes a recommendation as to the appropriate contractor based on personnel, schedule and proposed price.
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